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Murder at the Beehive Bistro (PREORDER EBOOK)

Murder at the Beehive Bistro (PREORDER EBOOK)

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PREORDER - EBOOK. Murder at the Beehive Bistro is book #3 in the Sunny Honey B&B Cozy Mysteries series.

Ruby Dalton's coffee has gone cold at the Beehive Bistro... because she's vanished without a trace!

In Honeyridge Falls, where gossip is sweeter than honey, Moxie is about to stir up a hornet's nest. Armed with wit sharper than a bee's stinger, she's determined to uncover the truth behind Ruby's disappearance.

But in this hive of secrets, the suspects are buzzing with motives. From Ruby's hotheaded boyfriend to her jealous best friend, and a bartender who knows more than he pours, Moxie must sift through a swarm of lies to find the truth. 

As Moxie peels back the layers of small-town charm, she finds herself neck-deep in danger. Can she crack the case before she becomes the next missing person?

Cozy up with Murder at the Beehive Bistro – where the coffee's strong, the mystery is stronger, and the danger is absolutely buzzing!

Perfect for fans of small-town secrets, quirky characters, and mysteries that'll keep you guessing 'til the last sip. One taste and you'll be hooked!



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