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Murder at the B&B (PREORDER EBOOK)

Murder at the B&B (PREORDER EBOOK)

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PREORDER - EBOOK. Murder at the Bee Farm is book #1 in the Sunny Honey B&B Cozy Mysteries series.

A quiet morning erupts when a dead body is found at the Sunny Honey B&B. The victim's connection to her grandmother, Iris, sends shockwaves through Honeyridge Falls. Reluctantly teaming up with the local detective, Moxie dives into a whirlwind investigation to clear her grandmother’s name and save the B&B.

As Moxie unravels a web of secrets, lies, and red herrings, she discovers the victim's complicated past, including a previous marriage and estranged relationships. Tense confrontations, cryptic notes, and a mysterious letter hint at a deeper conspiracy. Just when Moxie thinks she’s close to solving the case, an unexpected twist changes everything, revealing hidden connections and shocking motives.

"Murder at the B&B" is a cozy mystery filled with heart, humor, and suspense. Join Moxie Rayburn on her thrilling quest for justice in Honeyridge Falls, where every clue leads to new twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.



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