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Blurbs and Brews (PREORDER EBOOK)

Blurbs and Brews (PREORDER EBOOK)

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PREORDER - EBOOK. Blurbs and Brews is book #4 in the Magical Bookstore series.

Arabella is poised to begin her magical training, eagerly supported by her grandmother. But her excitement turns to dread when her mentor is mysteriously murdered before their first session, his body marked by ritualistic patterns suggesting dark magic.

As Arabella delves into the investigation, she uncovers a trio of suspects including her own grandmother. Each clue unravels deeper secrets and darker motives until the true perpetrator is revealed, throwing Arabella's future into uncertainty.

Now, with her magical abilities exposed to local law enforcement, Arabella navigates a new reality where every step is fraught with intrigue and danger.



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